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WHO We Are

Help India is a Social Platform where professional use business techniques to achieve a positive social purpose. Simple define say about HIO is earning with happiness in large public interest.

WHY We Do It

In 21st century where everyone involve to use high technology and life will remain so busy it’s a model where everyone meet digitally and help each other in every crisis along with business interest. It’s called Social entrepreneurship one step ahead from entrepreneurship.

What We Do

Our every volunteer doing same task that government or government servant need to do for society. We empower society in 5 powerful ways like world class education, Preventive health care, Employment, Help in crisis and Social entrepreneurship.

HIO Foundation Priorities and Theory of Change

Our foundation working on two foremost old Indian ethnicity strength one is World class education for every Indian and second is Live community culture.

Healthy & fit India Mission

Here our foundation give light on Preventive health care is far better than health care expenses and how its cost effective for individual as well our nation.

Organising For Change making

Our community working to adjoin every Indian real power and creating sustainable hybrid model of social entrepreneurship to work and support each other on common platform for common goal.

Social Entrepreneurship

HIO Foundation selects world-class social entrepreneurs who are leading the way to an everyone-a-changemaker world. Every change maker helps each other and in every crisis of life without any returns interest for improving nation social security.

Youth Up-Skilling

Up-skilling not only empowers role-centric proficiency, it rather grooms their soft skills like communication, behavior and personality development. Such skills bring a positive transformation in the professional temperaments of employees and prepare them to take up new roles involving those who currently don’t have existence.


To help people live a life of economic independence on their own terms.Trust in relationship, build relationship.


To achieve so, we are committed to bringing our customers a single platform to get products and services.


We act in accordance with our values and purpose. We apply our values and purpose throughout the business.

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We B2me Ecom Shift the focus of healthcare from reactive medicine to proactive preventive care. Preventive care is designed to keep you healthy, and it’s usually included as a covered benefit with your plan. It’s meant to help prevent illness or detect problems before you notice any symptoms.